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Version histories

Wunderkammer version history

1.1020100304Code updated to work with LWUIT 1.3
1.0220090525Search box behaviour adjusted so that the search string is matched from the beginning of the item string rather than anywhere within the item string
1.0120090525Bug fixed - the menu system previously did not perform a sanity check before trying to load an entry for a menu item

wkimport version history

2.220100904French localisation in the UI added
2.120100817Russian localisation in the UI added
2.020100711Bugs fixed and input verification and some more user friendly error messages added.
2.0 beta20100613New GUI introduced.
1.30 beta20100329ant and python dependencies removed. wkimport is implemented entirely in Java.
1.2020100304Bugs fixed by Dmitry Idiatov: bug that prevented unicode characters in input files from being successfully read and bug that caused last entry in input dictionaries to be lost
1.1120090525Memory leak in XMLImportRoutine fixed by Stephen Merity
1.120090513Code to support custom sort orders added by Stephen Merity

Wunderkammer Import Package version history

2.220100904Package contains wkimport version 2.2 and Wunderkammer version 1.10. French localisation for the documentation added.
2.120100817Package contains wkimport version 2.1 and Wunderkammer version 1.10. Russian localisation for the documentation added.
2.020100711Package contains wkimport version 2.0 and Wunderkammer version 1.10. Errors in Kaurna demo dictionary config file corrected.
2.0 beta20100613Package contains wkimport version 2.0 beta and Wunderkammer version 1.10. Package renamed from 'wkimporting package' to 'Wunderkammer Import Package'. Tura demonstration dictionary included. Directory structure revamped.
1.30 beta20100329The package contains wkimport version 1.30 beta and Wunderkammer version 1.10. A new high-contrast theme 'whitebackground.res' has been added.
1.2020100304The package contains wkimport version 1.20 and Wunderkammer version 1.10
1.1220090525The package contains wkimport version 1.11 and Wunderkammer version 1.02
1.1120090525The package contains wkimport version 1.11 and Wunderkammer version 1.01
1.120090513The package contains wkimport version 1.1
1.020090129The package contains wkimport version 1.0

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